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. against that backdrop, few would have bet on us, few would have bet on new jersey leading the way to restore people's belief that government could accomplish things for them. but here we are, three years later, and look at all of those things some called impossible in this town that we have made a reality -- a real 2% property tax cap, interest arbitration reform, pension and health benefit reform, teacher tenure reform, higher education restructuring resulting in rutgers now being in the top 25 in research dollars and the newest member of the big 10, $1.3 billion in new capital investment in all our universities for the first time in 25 years, a ground-breaking teacher contract in newark that finally acknowledges merit pay, three years ago, a national reputation for corruption and division and waste, today, a national model for reform and bipartisanship and leadership. let's review this new reality specifically, to remind our constituents and ourselves how far we have come and to resolve to never return to the old, dark days of our past in trenton. four years, four balanced budge
rafting in the nation. i bet you did not even know that. this year, we are going to sponsor a national white water rafting competition. we are going for this competition. officials, they must be an evenly divided. rafters must the government employees for at least six months and they must have been hired before today. all rafters must paddle, no freeloaders. this is not government. [laughter] identical rafts and identical equipment will be divided amongst the team. there will be a number of challenges. the first challenge will be the executive to the assembly challenge. the assembly speaker, avid outdoorsman, a mountaineer, will be the captain of the assembly raft, if he so chooses. the next challenge will be the senate challenge with the co- leaders. [laughter] you have to paddle the same way, guys. [applause] the new york city challenge, we have the ss bloomberg. mayor bloomberg always looks good in what he is doing. [laughter] i will have my own team. i will have an identical raft that is identical in all ways except the state police that because i respond to so many emergencies. no
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2